How Our Pricing Works

The price of your new solar system will, of course, depend on how big the installation is. Or to put it another way – how many kiloWatts (kW) of solar panels you choose to install. With Solar PV, the bigger the system, the more energy produced. Typically, the larger the system, the bigger the return on investment.

Every Installation Is Different

The most important thing to remember is that the cost of each installation is different. We work with you to understand your energy needs before we design your own unique system tailored to your budget.

Grants Are Available

It is important to remember that the SEAI government grant will contribute significantly to reducing the cost of your system.¹ At Caldor, we can walk you through the application processes step by step.

Newbuild – Domestic

In general the costs for PV solar panels installations on newbuilds varies from €2,500 – €10,000. System output, inverter specification, battery, the requirement for a hot water controller & the roof covering will all impact the final price.

Retrofit – Domestic

For PV solar retrofits, the general; cost tends to start from around €4,000 – €12,000. This is completely dependent on the size of the job and may be higher.

EV Charger – Domestic

For electrical vehicle chargers, on average the prices range from €1,000 – €2,000. Charger specification & site specifics determine the cost here.

Our experts will formulate the most beneficial system for you, at the best value for your home, business or farm. To get a quote click here or contact us on 01 25 333 49.

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¹Subject to eligibility of SEAI SPV grant

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