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This blog will act as a guide to calculating your solar panel size. Each and every household is different so we can’t offer up a one size fits all solution, but what we can do is go through the factors at play when determining what will work for you. The number of solar panels that you need depends on the system size that you select. 

What determines how many solar panels you need, comes down to three key factors.

  • Your household’s daily energy consumption and importantly, your estimated future consumption
  • Length of sunlight hours in your area
  • Your roof size

Your Household’s Daily Energy Consumption.

Your average daily energy usage (total Kilowatt hours (kWh)) is important  information in understanding the ideal amount  of solar energy you require, which can then assist in determining the number of panels you will need.

To get into a little more nitty gritty detail, annual solar production follows a bell shaped curve. May & June are typically the highest yielding months with approximately 15% of the yearly irradiance occurring each month. When sizing a system Caldor will look at summer consumption first & work backwards from there. If you have your monthly usage to hand, your provider will be able to give you strategic insight into what system will most benefit you.

Length of sunlight hours in your area.

The amount of sunlight each day will also impact what your solar panels can generate. As that varies in Ireland, it will impact the number of panels you need. A good assessor will be able to recommend the best solar system solution for you.

How Big Is Your Roof?

This is really the key factor. It will have an absolute say in terms of how many panels can be fit, how much energy can be produced and what the cost will be. As discussed in a previous article, it’s also important to get your roof assessed to ensure it can support the weight of the system.

What Is the Average Number of Solar Panels In An Irish Home?

From our experience, the number of people in your household will have an impact on the number of solar panels you need and whether you want solar panels to generate enough energy for all or some of your electricity needs.

A 6kW solar panel system is what we would recommend for a family with over 5 people while a 5kW system would be appropriate for a family of 4 people. One of the most common domestic solar panel systems we install would be a 4kW system which caters for a home of approximately 3-4 people. 

That all said, each installation needs to be approached as unique. Every household has their own rhythm and your solar panel systems should reflect that as much as possible. If you have any queries about the way your home could run more efficiently please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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