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Can you buy second-hand solar panels? Yes, it is possible to buy second-hand solar panels. That said, at Caldor Solar, we would be more inclined to answer this question with an eyebrow raise and a ‘yes, but…’. We know those interested in solar panels are often looking to improve their green credentials (reduce, reuse, recycle) alongside lowering bills so this is a question that seems important to answer. While you may find second-hand solar panels from businesses or homeowners looking to upgrade, it can be a risky decision and there are several reasons why it may be a bad idea:

  1. Quality and condition: Second-hand solar panels may have been used for an extended period, which can result in wear and tear, reducing their efficiency and lifespan. It is not always easy to determine the condition of the panels without proper inspection, and even then it is hard to know how well the previous owner has treated and maintained the panels. 
  2. Unknown history: It is difficult to know how well the panels were maintained or what kind of conditions they were exposed to during their previous use. This can make it hard to predict how long they will last or how well they will perform.
  3. Lack of warranty: Second-hand solar panels may not come with a warranty or the warranty may have expired. This means that if something goes wrong with the panels, you will be responsible for the cost of any repairs or replacements.
  4. Age of the panels: Solar panel technology has advanced significantly over the years, older panels may have lower efficiency compared to newer models, which means you may need more panels to achieve the same energy output, which would increase the overall cost.
  5. Perhaps most important to note is that in Ireland, the government provides grants to homeowners and businesses who install solar panels through the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI). However, these grants are typically only available for new solar panel systems and not second-hand ones.
  6. The SEAI has several different grant schemes available for solar PV systems, including the Better Energy Homes scheme, which provides a grant of €700 to €1,200 for the installation of solar PV systems on homes. The scheme is only available for new solar PV systems and not for second-hand systems.

It is generally recommended to buy new solar panels from a reputable supplier, who can provide a warranty and technical support. While buying second-hand solar panels may save you money on the initial cost of the installation, it may ultimately cost more in the long run due to the potential for reduced efficiency, shorter lifespan, and lack of warranty.

Overall, solar panel technology continues to improve, with manufacturers regularly releasing new models with higher efficiencies. This means that solar energy is becoming an increasingly viable option for homeowners and businesses looking to generate their electricity but buying second-hand is unlikely to be the best route. Buying second-hand solar panels is like buying a used car, you never know what kind of previous life it’s had and what kind of issues it may have inherited.

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