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We recently wrote about how you can start a solar farm and why it might be a good idea. Here, we address a big question surrounding living next to one. Is it dangerous? Solar power is an industry of quick growth and development due to the massive benefits it boasts on both a personal and environmental level. With quick growth comes valid curiosity on how it can impact your local environment, particularly if you live in close proximity.

There are people who stand firmly against solar power. This is usually down to misinformation or a fear of the new and unknown. As with everything you read, you should always look at the arguments from both sides and let science led data inform you.

What is a Solar Farm?

As always, we start with the basics; a solar farm is a form of power plant but not as you know them. These are far more environmentally friendly installations that take up a lot of space and will have an impact on the local community, some good, some bad.

The Pros Of Living Near A Solar Farm

  • Let’s start by looking at the positives. One of the biggest pros we can think of is that solar farms are safe for wildlife to be around. In fact, in some instances you will see solar farms and animals cohabit. There are no worrisome chemicals in the ground and as a result they help out the environment in a very substantial way.
  • Another pro, which may take the top spot for some, is that if you live near a solar farm you may see your electricity bills go south. This is down to you being in the closest catchment area for the company to supply. In turn, you drive down your carbon footprint and overall living costs.
  • Solar Farms are a way of creating sustainable and renewable energy on a large scale which will drive down living costs across Ireland as well as reducing the country’s carbon footprint. 

And now for the cons…

The Cons Of Living Near A Solar Farm

It’s only right to lay out all the facts. You can decide what side of the coin you prefer or more accurately, which feels more weighted towards the greater good.

  • Solar farms are large and are not to everyone’s visual taste. They involve fields and fields of panels, mounted on structures that angle them for optimum sun capture. This can make people feel that the value of their home will be impacted. They also worry that when they open their curtains there’s something in their eyeline they wish wasn’t there. It’s a fair and valid concern but can be partially balanced with the good it does for the local community in other ways.
  • Quite often, a worry that crops up is that people think about the noise that a Solar Farm can bring. This is one argument that we can dismiss almost completely as once up and running it’s a quiet installation. There are no wind turbines or fans which can sometimes be associated with solar panels as they’re attributed to other sustainable energy sources. The only times when sound can be an issue is during the construction of the site, which happens quickly or when repairs that may be required are being seen to.

That pretty much sums up the main pros and cons we’ve come across but if you have any to add to the list, please do so below or email us. 

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