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While there are large-scale, ground-mounted solar panel farms dotted cross country, what we associate with homes are the classic, neatly installed solar panels on rooftops. It is generally acknowledged to be the most effective way of accessing sunlight and therefore the most efficient way of producing energy. That said, if you have the unobstructed space, ground mounted panels can be just as easy to install and just as efficient as their roof mounted counterparts.

In most urban settings, ground mounted solar panels won’t be an option. However, where the option is available to you, it’s worth investigating. When it comes to cost, ground mounted solar panels will come in at a higher price point than rooftop solar panels but, the more panels you have the more solar electricity you can produce. That sharp upfront cost can balance out. Additionally, if your roof, as it currently stands can’t support the weight of a solar system, going to ground may save you money in the long term.

Rooftops can be restricted by a number of variables, the pitch angle, size, chimneys and structure whereas, if you have land, it’s likely you’ll have more flexibility and choice. It also allows larger homes the scope to put in larger installations which means they’re more likely to be able to match their consumption with less restriction. 


There are two main types of ground mounted solar system; standard ground mounts and pole ground mounts.


Standard ground mounts use metal framing, which are secured to the ground so that the system can be pitched at a fixed angle. There are options that have the capacity to be adjusted manually which would allow you flexibility and account for the seasonal shifting of the sun, though these are more costly.


The pole mount operates somewhat differently in that a single pole will support multiple solar panels. The advantage here is that they can be further elevated off the ground than a standard ground mount. These tend to have software incorporated allowing them to track where the sun is hitting and tilt automatically. This enables the panels to work to their full potential at all times.


It’s obvious that there are great benefits to ground mounted solar arrays but only when the location permits. They’re easy to place, pitch, and can be placed on open land which means less impact to your home. Due to the fact they don’t hit the same restrictions that roofs often can, they can be more productive and efficient per panel than your standard rooftop solar array. Finally, they are more accessible than their rooftop counterparts. 


This is where speaking to an experienced installer pays dividends. If you have space or land that you feel could be well served with a ground mounted solar panel array, it’s worth getting in touch with us to see what your options could be. Simply get in touch via our form here.

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