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As the world shifts towards a more sustainable future, Ireland has stepped up its efforts to promote the use of renewable energy sources. Solar power has become increasingly popular, and the Irish government is supporting this transition through various grant schemes. In this blog post, we will explore the 2023 solar panel grants and associated grants, designed to help homeowners and businesses make the switch to clean, green energy. A lot has changed in the past few years… for the better. So let’s dive straight in and catch up.

SEAI Domestic Solar PV Grant

The SEAI Solar PV Grant, or Domestic Grant, is one of the most well-known solar panel grants in Ireland. It helps homeowners reduce the initial cost of installing solar photovoltaic (PV) panels on their properties. In 2023, eligible homeowners can receive up to €2,100 towards the cost of installing a PV system (and a battery storage system if required). To qualify, the homeowner must meet the following baseline criteria:

  • The property must be built before 2011.
  • The homeowner must use an SEAI-registered installer.
  • The system must be compliant with the relevant Irish standards.

SEAI Non Domestic Microgen Grant

The SEAI Non Domestic Microgen Grant (NDMG) is also available. If you’re a business owner or part of an organisation that wants to reduce energy costs and improve its sustainability image, the NDMG may be just what you need. This financial assistance program provides funding to help cover the cost of installing solar PV panels on-site, allowing you to generate electricity for your business and reduce your reliance on the grid.

By installing solar panels, you can significantly lower your annual electricity costs, potentially saving between €2,000 and €3,000 depending on the size of your installation and current utility rates. And not only does this technology help you save money, but it also increases your energy security and enhances your positive sustainability image.

TAMS II On-Farm Solar PV Grant

The Targeted Agricultural Modernisation Scheme (TAMS II) PV Grant is designed to support farmers looking to invest in renewable energy. This grant covers up to 40% of the eligible costs (60% for young, qualified farmers) for installing solar PV systems on their farms. The maximum grant amount is capped at a €90k max spend with a maximum of 60% grant aid. The scheme prioritises the following farm types:

  • Dairy farms
  • Pig and poultry farms
  • Tillage farms

If you’re working in the agricultural industry and want more information on what we can do for you, have a look here.

Better Energy Communities (BEC) Scheme

The SEAI Community Grant is a community-based grant program that funds energy efficiency and renewable energy projects in local communities. This scheme encourages community groups, businesses, and public-sector organisations to collaborate on projects that reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions. Solar panel installations are among the eligible projects for this grant, with funding covering up to an average of about 50% of the project’s costs. Businesses tend to get about 20% with community groups getting higher.

You can read more about the benefits and inclusions here.

Solar Schools Grant

As part of the 2023 budget, all schools in Ireland have been promised funding for solar panels. The Solar Schools Grant aims to provide financial support for the installation of solar PV systems in primary and secondary schools, helping them to reduce their energy bills and carbon footprint. Schools can apply for funding to cover up to 50% of the costs associated with solar panel installation.

You can read a case study on how Collinswood School adopted sustainable energy here.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Home Charger Grant

Although not directly related to solar panels, the EV Home Charger Grant supports the broader goal of green energy adoption in Ireland. This grant provides up to €600 towards the installation of an electric vehicle charging point at a homeowner’s property. By combining solar panels with electric vehicles, homeowners can further reduce their reliance on fossil fuels and decrease their carbon emissions.

Microgeneration Support Scheme (MSS)

The Microgeneration Support Scheme (MSS) is another crucial grant initiative in Ireland aimed at promoting renewable energy adoption. This scheme provides financial support to homeowners, businesses, and community groups for installing microgeneration technologies, including solar PV systems. The MSS not only helps cover the installation costs but also offers an export tariff for any excess electricity generated that is fed back into the national grid.

The key objectives of the MSS are to:

  • Encourage the growth of small-scale renewable energy generation.
  • Foster community participation and energy self-sufficiency.
  • Support the development of a sustainable and low-carbon energy sector in Ireland.

The Microgeneration Support Scheme is an excellent opportunity for those considering solar panel installation to further offset their costs and receive additional benefits for contributing to Ireland’s renewable energy goals.

VAT Rate Abolished Under the 2023 Finance Bill

While not a grant, more recently the Irish government has approved an amendment to the 2023 Finance Bill to help families and businesses deal with the high cost of living and energy prices. They have introduced a new policy for solar panels, which will now be subject to a zero VAT rate from May 1st 2023. This will make it far more affordable for homeowners and businesses to switch to renewable energy sources, helping to reduce the country’s carbon footprint. The savings here are so significant, we’ve written about it in more detail here.

In Conclusion

Ireland’s commitment to promoting renewable energy sources is evident in the variety of grants available for solar panel installation and associated green initiatives. By taking advantage of these grants, homeowners and businesses can reduce their energy costs, decrease their carbon footprint, and contribute to a more sustainable future for Ireland. Whether you’re a homeowner, farmer, or part of a community group, there’s a grant designed to help you make the switch to solar power.

Navigating the world of grants can sometimes be confusing and overwhelming, with various schemes, eligibility criteria, and application processes to consider. Fortunately for you, Caldor Solar is an experienced solar installation company that understands the complexities of these grants and is more than happy to guide you through the entire process. When you choose to work with Caldor Solar, you’ll not only benefit from their expertise in installing high-quality solar PV systems but also receive valuable advice and assistance in accessing the most suitable grants for your needs. You can trust us to make your transition to clean, renewable energy seamless and stress-free. Don’t just take our word for it, take a look at our reviews.

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