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There’s power in numbers – especially when that power is renewable. So we’re expanding our resources…and thanks to the support of the NetZero Group, we plan on taking our solar solutions to new heights across the country.

As part of a €50m investment to accelerate Ireland’s transition towards renewable energy, Waterland Ireland is funding select companies with a shared vision: that of a cleaner, more sustainable Ireland. They’ve made our transition to NetZero possible – and we’re grateful to be part of the new group.

For Waterland, it means adding Solar PV solutions to their portfolio: building on their capacity to deliver eco-friendly energy solutions at scale.

For NetZero, it offers their energy consultants a strategic and practical way of helping their clients cut down on both their energy bills and their carbon footprint.

And as for Caldor Solar? It means we can continue to do what we’ve been doing since pioneering the industry, way back in 2015: leading the solar revolution and helping homeowners, businesses and entire communities make the simple switch. 

Super-Group, Super Savings

Thanks to the acquisition, employment among NatZero Group members has risen to almost 550 people.Waterland’s new super-group of energy-saving enthusiasts means that together, we can make solar power more affordable and accessible for properties across the country.

Once an almost wistful, but costly, idea, installing solar panels is fast-becoming the cleanest and simplest way for both homeowners and businesses to see significant and long-term energy savings.

With free electricity, generated by the sun, they can enjoy:

  • Cheaper Bills: By covering up to 40% of their energy consumption with solar
  • More Control: Using electricity when and where they need it most
  • Financial Rewards: With green incentives from the government to make the switch
  • Streamlined Operations: At home or at work, there’s no more wasted energy

Not to mention the warm and fuzzy feeling of helping Ireland become powered by pure energy!

Where We’ve Been…And Where We’re Going

At Caldor Solar, we’re not just ahead of the curve: we were there at the starting line, creating the curve! 

In an industry of over 450 players, most of which have only popped up in the past couple of years, we’ve been in business since 2015. And we plan on sticking around too, long into the future.

We believe in growing organically, and from our roots in Kildare, we’ve slowly expanded our solar PV technologies to homes and businesses across Ireland. 

We’re proud to have supplied and installed almost 5,000 solar panel systems for residential, commercial and agricultural properties – and with our new partnership, we’re ready for more.

Now from our steady foundations – cemented by positive customer reviews and a decade of industry experience – we can build on our operations. We can offer the kind of dedicated advice, technical support and ongoing maintenance that we always have: but we can do it on a much bigger scale.

Joining NetZero and Waterland means that we can share our innovative solar solutions with even more customers, while continuing to support our existing ones – bringing them better value as a result.

Our vision is for all homes and businesses to be powered by solar. A vision that’s becoming brighter, and more attainable, every day.

We’ve Seen The Light: Want to Join Us?

Our fully trained and accredited team, equipped with the highest-quality and industry-leading materials, are ready to help you harness some sunshine. Give us a call on 01 25 333 49 to arrange your free solar energy assessment, drop us a message or read more about the value of solar panels here.

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Caldor Solar are solar power pioneers in Ireland, specialising in both residential and commercial solar panels. Check out our testimonials and online reviews to learn more. Or chat with us on 01 253 3349 for a personalised quote for your home. 

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