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If you are looking for the best solar inverter for your home, the answer does not necessarily come from a “best solar inverter 2019” list. There are four different inverter solutions you will want to consider, depending on your particular home and your personal preferences.

This blog will help you easily navigate your way through the nightmare that is choosing the best solar inverter for your home. We’ll start by comparing leading “shade solutions” and standard string inverters. Next, should you find out that your best option is to keep with a string inverter (as often is the case) then you can refer to the best solar inverter (string inverter) comparison chart in Part 2.




There are two ways to do solar. The easy way and the hard way. The easy way is to install one string inverter on the ground. Simple, affordable, and fewer parts that can fail. The hard way is to install power electronics behind panels on the roof – and (usually) an inverter on the ground. Why would you choose the complex and expensive way? The table below shows why the hard way may-or-may-not be the best for your situation.

The one-word explanation in the table needs further clarification.  So for each point in the table, I have elaborated comments below the table.

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