With 15 years professional experience and expertise in the Renewables Industry, we at Caldor Solar offer a wide choice of sustainable energy choices for Ireland.  For your home, business or farm we can provide renewable technology which will reduce your energy costs and carbon emissions  with our affordable and reliable systems.

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Our product range

Solar PV

Produces electricity to save money on your bills.

Deep retrofit program

If you own your own home and you are looking to upgrade the energy efficiency of your home to an A-rated home, our Deep Retrofit grant might be for you.


Proper ventilation improves the air quality in the home. It is very important for both the building’s health and the occupant’s health.

EV Chargers

Charge your electric vehicle with an Electric Vehicle (EV) Home Charger. Remember, the quiet comfort of an electric vehicle isn’t just great for your pocket, it’s great for the environment too.


Generating electricity from solar

The term ‘solar panel’ is often used interchangeably to describe the panels that generate electricity and those that generate hot water.

Solar panels that produce hot water are known as solar thermal collectors or solar hot water collectors. Solar panels that produce electricity are known as solar photovoltaic (PV) modules. These panels generate DC electricity when exposed to light.

Installation of domestic solar PV system
A domestic solar PV system consists of a number of solar panels mounted to your roof (or in your garden) and connected into the electrical loads within your building. The solar panels generate DC (direct current – like a battery) electricity, which is then converted in an inverter to AC (alternating current – like the electricity in your domestic socket). Solar PV systems are rated in kilowatts (kW). A 1kW solar PV system would require 3 or 4 solar panels on your roof.

Any excess electricity produced can be stored in a battery, or other storage solution like your hot water immersion tank. It can also be exported from your house into the electrical network on your street.

Cheaper electricity bills

On average, a solar PV system can save you up to €1100 per year on your domestic electricity bill. This will make a big difference to your household running costs, allowing you to save for what really matters.

Improve your BER

By investing in solar PV, you will also be making an impact on the BER of your home. When it comes to selling your home, a higher BER will add value and help you achieve a higher sale price.

Reduce your emissions

Generating your own renewable electricity also has benefits for our environment. The energy you consume will be clean energy which cuts down on your greenhouse gas emissions.

New Build

New builds are the ideal time to install Solar PV panels and will help with building regulations while providing you with renewable energy for your new home.

Commercial & Farm

Choosing a Solar PV solution is not only good for the environment, it’s good for your Business too. Installing a Solar PV system will allow you to reduce your costs.


Battery energy storage systems are used for larger solar PV systems, so that the excess electricity generated during daytime hours can be used at another time. This new technology is only installed in certain suitable homes or businesses.


If you own your own home and you are looking to upgrade the energy efficiency of your home to an A-rated home, our Deep Retrofit grant might be for you.
Caldor Energy Solutions in collaboration with SEAI are giving homeowners up to 60% funding for upgrading houses to an A3 rating.

As housing continues to pose significant energy efficiency challenges in Ireland, SEAI (Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland) have created the Deep Retrofit Pilot Programme to tackle it.

This programme aims to investigate the challenges and opportunities of deep retrofit which will help increase the efficiency of older homes, to reach the level of those built to current standards.

Deep Retrofitting involves a substantial upgrade of a building so that it moves towards zero energy requirements or a significant reduction in the energy required within a building. Deep retrofitting looks at the entire building and a tailored solution is designed for each property which considers all aspects such as building fabric, air tightness, ventilation and renewable energy sources.

Funding Available

The National Mitigation Plan commits a total of €21.2m between 2017 and 2019 with an initial €5 million in 2017 to support this pilot.

The SEAI have committed to funding up to 60% of the total capital costs and project management costs combined and will provide funding to projects which demonstrate an integrated, comprehensive strategy for significantly improving home energy performance.

What is deep retrofit?
Deep retrofit is just another term for an extensive home energy upgrade. There are multiple benefits to carrying out a home energy upgrade. It will result in a warmer, cosier home with an improved BER rating. Research has shown that a warmer home also benefits overall health and wellbeing. Since your home will be much more energy efficient, your heating bills should also be lower.

A deep retrofit takes a whole-house approach to energy in the home. This involves carrying out multiple energy efficient measures such as wall insulation, attic insulation, replacing windows and doors and assessing air tightness & ventilation. Deep retrofit also looks at installing renewable energy technologies in the home.

To complete a deep retrofit project, a lot of work will be undertaken in your home. In some cases, the level of work might feel similar in scale to an extension being built to a property.


Proper ventilation improves the air quality in the home. It is very important for both the building’s health and the occupant’s health. As the overall airtightness of your home is important, ensuring that there is adequate ventilation is even more important – to improve the indoor air quality and reduce the possibility of any condensation or mould.

If your home is going to be fully insulated and new windows and doors are going to be installed to eliminate draughts and air leakages, then a new ventilation system will be required as part of the works. Typically, either a Demand Control Ventilation (DCV) system or a Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) system will be required.

What difference will I notice with a new ventilation system?
Proper ventilation removes stale air and odours and ensures that fresh air is circulated throughout your home at all times. This does not mean that your home will be colder or draughty, but the warm air will not be harmful for your health.
You may be able to hear air coming in through the vents, which is normal. If you choose, and when the weather permits, fresh air can also be provided naturally by opening a window.

EV Chargers

Charge Your Electric Vehicle With FREE Energy From The Sun. Your EV charger can be configured to work in conjunction with your PV panels.
A home charge point is usually installed on an external wall of the house and electric car charging is facilitated through your domestic electricity supply.

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Caldor Solar
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Kilian Kiernan
Kilian Kiernan
12:06 12 Jun 20
Caldor installed their system on our house in March in the Sligo area. Great investment. I recommend when once... installed that you monitor the system on a daily basis using the app Caldor sets up for you. This will tell how much you are generating, what the house is using, the level of your battery and how much is going back to the grid. Because I check each day I can see the difference between sunny days and dull. I am so surprised at how well this system works on dull days. Today it's dull, damp, cold with sunny spells - normal Irish weather. At 12.55pm I was generating 2.18kw, battery was at 89 percent, house using 460w and 960w going back into the grid. The amount going back into the grid per day is shocking. In the future when we get payback from the grid this is when you will see the benefit of your investment increase. If anyone would like to contact kiliankiernan@gmail.comread more
Mark Boyle
Mark Boyle
19:45 11 Jun 20
Caldor installed a Solar PV system and EC charger for us a few months ago and we couldn’t be happier with it. Right... from the start, the engagement was both friendly and professional. All the guys involved are passionate and enthusiastic in their work, happy to explain anything. After sales support has been excellent too. Comfortably, a random and very thorough SEAI inspection of the work came back almost perfect.read more
Jan Whiteacre
Jan Whiteacre
19:42 08 Jun 20
Great company to do business with. I felt comfortable right from initial contact with Caldor representatives. Got a... great quote for 8 solar panels and charging station for electric car. Installers were here early, got stuck in and completed the job in 1 day. They kept me informed throughout the fit and were a great bunch of lads, clean and tidy workers. I couldn’t recommend this company more highly for quality, cost and efficiency. Super company, super workers and super price. Professionalism at its best. Thank you.read more
Irish Guy
Irish Guy
11:27 05 Jun 20
Caldor installed late March 2020, Finished the day of lockdown so was lucky, just love it and best investment i've... made, instead of leaving funds in bank, its adds value to house and is saving money from dawn to dusk or with a battery even after that. To know you are running house electric grid free once sun is out or even a grey day makes me kick myself I held off so long. And it will start earning money next year from unused power I give back to grid from 2021! 😎 Email me , newrossman@yahoo.com if you want more detailsread more
K Murphy
K Murphy
20:57 16 Mar 20
Very unprofessional gave quote then backed out of their own contract constantly delayed process guys fitting system... were nice but trying to deal with management was a nightmare.read more
d g
d g
13:38 22 Jul 19
Caoimhin O'M
Caoimhin O'M
09:37 22 Jul 19
Professional and efficient service. Very happy - thank you Caldor.
Cormac Lynch
Cormac Lynch
19:30 17 Jul 19
Superb service from start to finish when dealing with the caldor guys. Very happy with the product.
Amber Carnell
Amber Carnell
12:31 04 Jul 19
Niall Kiernan
Niall Kiernan
12:31 04 Jul 19
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